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Possibility of sharpening Blades and Knifes on machine profiler


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Blade replacement , Sharpening , Adjustments

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Install Handball to aid Installing  Knife

Remove Knife

Sharpening of Scraper knife

Reinstall Knife 

Adjust Thickness of Scraping

Relation on Adjusting Eight of Knife

adjust the thickness of the talon

  1. Untighten Screw a half turn   (1)
  2. slightly turn the Talon adjusting screw   (2)   clockwise a half turn, this will make the Talon thickness  (5  is normally 0.50 to 0.56 mm)   about 0.08 thicker, but also the dip will be slightly thicker.
  3. see adjusting height, (previus picture. ) best is to start to thick, then in fine steps adjust on Talon screw and adjusting heights to get your result.

The Form will be elevated from dip to Talon so be careful not to tighten the screw (1) to fast in order not to bent the form.